2 Ways to Find Bargains in December

december bargainsThe holiday season can be a nice time to get some bargains. We all know about Black Friday, but what about deals in December?

There are two types of December deals that I’ve enjoyed in the past, and hope to take advantage of this year:

Bonus gift card purchases

Now, some people like gift cards while others don’t. To me, holiday season gift cards are nice, as they allow you to purchase exactly what you want to. While you know it’s the thought that counts when you get that ugly sweater or redundant kitchen gadget, getting what you want and need has its merits.

What I like about buying holiday gift cards is that you might get an extra bonus if you make a purchase. I’ve noticed this in particular with restaurants. A few have offered this type of deal: buy a $25 gift card, and get a bonus $5 gift card or certificate for free. It’s nice to get something back for yourself when buying a gift, right :)

Beyond that, if it’s a place you know you will personally visit anyway, why not just take advantage of the deal and buy it for yourself? It’s like an instant 17% off, just like that!

Post-Holiday sales

Once the holiday season has passed us by, there is naturally going to be a ton of unsold inventory at many retailers. Much of this might be items that they want to clear out, to make room for other products in the New Year.

So, if you didn’t get Black Friday deals, or have new shopping needs that have arisen, there could be a solution. Check out post-holiday deals to get some savings!

Some of these items might be highly discounted, particularly if seasonal. This would be a great time to get a new tree and save it for next year, which of course would mean buying a fake Christmas tree (which we have). Or, giftwrap would be another item that could be bought for a huge discount and kept for the next season

Beyond such seasonal items, more practical things such as clothes, small appliances, and the like might be had for a discount during this time period.

My Questions for You

Do you find ways to make some bargain purchases in December?

Do you have any tips or examples to share?