Would You Pay $21 to Eat a Lion Burger?

If you’re hungry for a hamburger, and want to go out to get one, you have plenty of choices to choose from across the price and quality spectrum. If you want a one for less than $1.00 that’s along the lines of late night college munchies fare, perhaps you can make a beeline to the nearest White Castle or Krystal. If you want a burger that’s of top quality and at the “high end” of the spectrum – if there is such a thing for burgers – perhaps you could try a Kobe beef burger. These can be purchased online, often for $10 or more per patty. In a restaurant, you could be shelling out $20 or more.

Or, for something different….how about $21 for a lion burger?

Yes, I’m talking about a burger that’s made of from the big cat with a big roar. Apparently, per widely reported news stories, a restaurant in Arizona had recently started selling these burgers for $21 each. This wild idea was apparently in honor of the World Cup being in South Africa.

The burger isn’t entirely lion, based on reports. Apparently, it’s a mixture of ground beef and lion, but is sold as a lion burger.

In any event, it’s no ordinary burger. Think about it, folks – it has lion meat in it!

From where I stand, $21 for an exotic dish like that isn’t exactly a bad deal. People regularly pay that much for overpriced, mediocre meals at generic chain restaurants. Why not shake things up a bit, walk on the wild side, and have a lion burger?

Apparently there are people protesting. I respect their point of view – it’s unnerving to think of a lion being served. Perhaps you share that view. Here in the U.S., we see them in zoos and on television. Maybe in kids books. But not on the menu!

Would I eat one? No.

For me, however, it’s more about my interest in cutting back on meat in my diet (unless “free”, as I experienced recently). I’m trying to focus on lean meats, as well as adding more vegeterian sources of protein. Lions aren’t part of the plan.

For those that do eat meat regularly, what do you think?

 Would you pay $21 for a Lion Burger? Would you even try one?

You could feel like the new king of the jungle:)


  1. says

    Isn’t it funny – I can’t imagine eating a lion burger but I absolutely love a good old fashion swiss and mushroom beef burger. I wonder if we always ate lion burgers already – would we reject a cow burger?

    I actually am shocked that it is only 21 dollars for this burger. I hope someone comments if they have actually tried a lion burger.

  2. says

    I imagine lion doesn’t taste much different than hamburger or deer burgers, so I doubt I’d pay $21 to try it. Come on down to Texas and we’ll serve you up some deer and rabbit stew that’s pretty dang good. My husband and his grandpa enjoy squirrell (yeah, sorry…it’s pretty good but has way too many tiny bones). And in case you think I’m joking, no, these are all things I have had before and they aren’t that weird around here (well, normal for people living near or in the forests…I personally do my meat hunting at Sam’s or Krogers…). :-)

    • thewisesquirrel says

      BFS – I’ll tell you what, Texas has pretty good food of its own. I haven’t been disappointed on business trips there. By the way, traveling abroad, I have had some crazy stuff served to me. One meal, on a trip to China over 20 years ago, we were served a meal that we were later told included dog and squid. Try that one on for size! I was a student at the time, and was told not to ask what the food was before eating it. We were to find out after eating. I really want to believe it wasn’t true and hoped they were messing with us. As far as the taste, I remember one of the meats being slimy and other tougher. Hope that didn’t gross you out and turn you away! I’ll take some good ole Texas cooking anyday (not deer or squirrels though!).

  3. says

    I eat meat regularly (mostly fish & chicken) but would be very wary of a lion burger. For me, it is also about health although I have to say the thought of eating a lion burger doesn’t necessarily make my mouth water either.

  4. says

    LOL, don’t worry, my “true” Texas cooking is some charcoal grilled strip or round steaks, corn on the cob rolled in Country Crock and sprinkled with pepper and salt, sweet potatoes baked with butter and a little orange juice, green beans with bacon, and watermelon for dessert. Real sugar sweet tea throughout. There you go, now I bet everyone would like to visit, lol. All heart attacks must be postponed and held elsewhere, thanks. :-)

    Now you know why I’m starting a weight loss support group over at BFS…hahahaha.

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