Updates and Favorites – Sept 10, 2010

Hello Everyone! Thank you very much for being a part of Squirrelers, and contributing to the growing readership. I appreciate your continued interest as we grow, whether you’re commenting, reading, lurking, or stopping by for the first time.

Along those lines, if you have any feedback or comments on things you particularly like, would like to see more of, or would like changed, please feel fee to reach out to me via the contact form. Also, I’m open to guest posts here, so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to contribute in that way.

With that said, I have some updates and favorites to share with you:

Yakezie Member Post

This week, I had the opportunity to have the Squirrelers “Yakezie Member Post” published at Yakezie.com. Check it out to learn a bit more about the guy who’s behind Squirrelers, and how the blog got started.

Poll Results

I recently ran a poll on Squirrelers where I asked the question “What Percentage of Your Total Income Do You Save?” A total of 41 people decided to answer the question, choosing one of five possible answers. Here are the results:

30% or more: 14

20% to 29%: 9

10% to 19%: 8

0% to 9%: 8

I spend more than I save:  2

Although the sample size is very low relative to the number of visitors to Squirrelers, it appears that many readers tend to be able to “squirrel away” their money. I’m glad to see that, and hope that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have!

Squirrelers in Carnivals and Roundups

This week, Squirrelers was included in the following carnivals and roundups:

Favorites from the Personal Finance Blogosphere

Below are a variety of articles that caught my eye this week. If you have some time, give them a read!

Have a great weekend!


  1. says

    That’s pretty good! the majority saves 30% or more…not bad at all.
    Definitely doesn’t reflect the current national savings rate =) I suppose most people who visit your site are already financially savvy!~

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