Health and Money: 5 Healthy Habits that can Positively Impact Wealth

Improve your health, improve your wealth.

Well, maybe it isn’t that easy, but it’s easier to become wealthy if you keep your health. As many of you who regularly visit Squirrelers know, I’m a big believer in the notion that health, wealth, and relationships are interrelated. My post discussing the role of money in our life outlined the concept of how succeeding in one area of life can help enhance one’s prospects in another area of life.  Health impacting wealth is an example of this.

Along those lines, here are 5 healthy habits that can lead to increased wealth:

  1. Sleeping More.  It’s often a badge of honor for some people to burn the midnight oil, so to speak, and work late into the night. Well, this warrior mentality may show some determination, but perhaps it’s misplaced. I’ve done it before countless times, even recently, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that there’s a price to pay for doing that. We don’t get something for nothing.  If you get proper rest, meaning enough sleep, you’ll likely be much more productive and creative when awake.  Productive and creative equals better work, which could translate into more money. Late nights working might work in a bind, but are not a sustainable strategy. Try to avoid them. Yes, that includes you bloggers, too!
  2. Eat Well.  The key thing that comes to mind here is avoiding the tradeoff of paying up front for food, or paying later.  By this I mean that we can spend a little bit of money to buy fresh food, or we could spend less initially by purchasing low-cost processed or fast food. It’s not worth the savings. I’ve struggled with this over the years, but have finally understood this later in life. Cheap, junk meals will result in greater healthcare costs down the line. Plus, if health declines, working may become much more difficult or even impossible.
  3. Get Exercise.  Get regular exercise, and it will be easier to stay in shape. Being in shape helps us have the endurance and energy to work effectively. Plus, much like with nutrition, if we have bad habits, we might also end up spending quite a bit on health care costs. Who wants that to happen?
  4. Avoid Vices.  It goes without saying, but there are some things we just shouldn’t do, in consideration of our health. One is smoking. With all the overwhelming evidence against smoking, it’s truly beyond me how anybody can start smoking these days. I realize quitting can be incredibly difficult to do, but those who start smoking have very little excuse.  Anyway, besides smoking, there are other vices that can be harmful to one’s health as well. A seemingly benign one that can impact health is the caffeine habit. I’ve detailed my efforts to give up caffeine here on Squirrelers, and have felt better since giving it up. Plus, it’s saved me money on coffee and diet sodas.
  5. Take Care of Your Teeth.  This may seem a bit out of place, but I just got a root canal the other day, so dental health is on my mind:) All those diet sodas I drank in the past came back to haunt me. The root canal, taking into account all the steps involved, requires multiple appointments and fairly significant out-of-pocket costs. If we keep good dental habits (regular brushing, flossing, fluoride rinse), and avoid giving our teeth the phosphoric acid wash from sodas – or excess sugar for that matter – we’ll ultimately help our bank account. When you consider that dental health can impact heart health, it even further emphasizes the importance of taking care of teeth.

Ultimately, not everything comes down to money of course. Most of us want good health just for the sake of living a high quality long life. That said, by focusing on good healthy habits, we just might help ourselves financially as well.

My Questions for You:

Do you think you’ve saved yourself money by keeping healthy habits?

Are there some improvements that you can make in your approach to health that you think might also help you out financially?


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    Sleep, vices and exercise are all related, at least they seem to be for me. I have been focusing on better sleep habits lately, although I don’t need much to feel rested and be productive (never did). That includes cutting down on caffeine during the day. I was drinking too much coffee at work, and suspect that it was having a residual effect later on in the day. Exercise or activity is also related to my sleep. The days that I’m up and around more precede the nights when I sleep best.

  2. says

    I don’t know if I will save any money, because I will live longer! I do all that you suggest and more. The quality of my life is better than most. No one believes me when I tell them how old I am. I will probably live longer and better than most which may cost me more, but I am willing to deal with that.

  3. says

    Wonderful article! I need to improve my sleeping habit – I work very late at night and true enough, a person with complete sleep is more productive and creative – not to mention more energized – those are the things I miss when I don’t have enough sleep. I also need to start exercising – it’s the last thing on my mind – I am just lazy to do some running and stretching perhaps because I am not fat. But I should really push myself in getting myself fit.
    Bottomline is health is wealth.

  4. says

    I’m pretty healthy – physically and ‘dentally’! :) So I guess that saves me a bit!

    And agree with sleep! I couldn’t function without adequate sleep!

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    I have seen the people I love suffer from some devastating health problems that, were completely avoidable. Both my Dad and Gandfather had emphasyma. Two people I know had a stoma and two others died of lung cancer.

    I started taking much better care of my self about five years ago and it has rubbed off on my wife. Not only do I hope to avoid major health problems, I am living a much better lifestyle. All of the sacrifices in food and vices are well worth it.

  6. says

    I rarely eats at fast food restaurants because I know how unhealthy are the foods that they are serving. I still love eating raw foods like fruits and vegetables. These are very healthy. Also, I ensure that I have time for proper daily exercise.

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