Squirreling Gone Wild #26: Fooling the Tooth Fairy

In the Squirreling Gone Wild series, there have been stories about all kinds of characters trying to save money. Some friends, coworkers, strangers, extractors….and even me:)

In this 26th edition of the series, we’ll share a quick story about a kid that’s apparently learning to be a squirreler. She’s learning from someone who’s got years of experience at it.

First off, the “mentor” in this case wasn’t me – it was a friend. In fact, it’s the same friend who was the source of the story in the very first edition of Squirreling Gone Wild. Yes, he’s the guy who years ago, as a college student, tried to save money on gas by deliberately buying an amount one penny over a whole dollar amount.  He would pocket the difference from the “take a penny” dish at the register.

Here’s what happened:

We were catching up on things, talking about kids a bit, when he told me about a stunt his 6 year old daughter pulled.   Apparently, my friend’s wife was making their daughter’s bed, when she found a piece of paper underneath the child’s pillow. Curious, she took a look.

As she looked the paper, she saw writing on it. What she read surprised her. In a 6 year old’s handwriting, actually misspelled a bit but clear nonetheless, was a note saying:

“Tooth Accidentally Swallowed”

When my friend shared this with me, I instantly came to the same conclusion that he and his wife did. That is, that the kid wanted to try to get some money for herself, so she wrote a note to get it from the tooth fairy. She never lost a tooth, but wanted to fool the tooth fairy by claiming that she accidentally swallowed the tooth.

That’s something else, for a 6 year old! My 7 year old is a really bright kid in my opinion, but I couldn’t imagine her thinking up something like this. It takes a natural extreme squirreler to do something like that.

My friend was asking me in jest “Now, who do you think she got that from?”

I didn’t even have to answer. My laughs answered for him.

We both know that in this case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. To my friend’s credit, he doesn’t engage in such antics these days. He stated that maybe there’s some genetic basis for such wacky behavior, as he tries not to model such behavior around his kids. Maybe he’s on to something there!

He then made the comment that he wasn’t sure whether or not he should be proud of her ingenuity or totally alarmed at it. I didn’t say much to that, but if that happened to me, I’d first find it funny then get alarmed pretty quickly!

I wish him well during the teenage years. Best of luck there, buddy!

By the way, they ultimately never left any money under the pillow and didn’t play the role of tooth fairy. The extreme squirreling wasn’t rewarded:)

My Questions for You:

  • If you were the parent in this case, would be laughing this off and marveling at your kid’s quick thinking, or would you be alarmed at what could be next?
  • Did you ever come up with any crazy schemes for money (or toys, etc) as a kid?


  1. says

    That is pretty funny. I am not sure how I would react. I know I would laugh at first. Then I would think ‘that little stinker’. I would then hope that trying to get something for nothing would not be a life long behavior.

    What I would have done I think is when the child came home from school, I would tell them I was worried all day because I say the note and wanted to make sure they felt ok after swallowing the tooth. This would hopefully make them fess up to their lie, and then we would have a nice long talk…

    • Squirrelers says

      Everyday Tips – I like the approach, spoken like a Mom. You have the guilt trip in there too! :)

  2. says

    I agree with RB40! In college, we put together a boxing ( Clay v. Liston fight) pool that guaranteed a prize, but also a profit for the administrator. Yes, people went for it! That was one of many, we did in college.

    • Squirrelers says

      krantcents – college involves craziness for sure….a bit different than things along the lines of the tooth fairy!

  3. says

    Haha! I have no idea what I would do honestly. I would laugh at first, then I would talk to my husband about what “we” are doing to give kids ideas like this. It might very well be our fault. Then we might have a chat with the kid. This is funny though…

    • Squirrelers says

      Suba – yes, I too think it’s funny. Really sharp thinking, actually. I’d be wondering where a kid picked up on such ideas too.

    • Squirrelers says

      Robert – there you go! Pulling out the big guns to get compliance. I like how everyone has a little bit different approach on how to handle the situation.

  4. says

    I liked Robert’s answer best. I think I’d be more alarmed than amused, but then again, my son also went through a phase where he tried lying about stuff to test boundaries. It’s best that they learn lying never pays.

  5. says

    Hilarious story! Apples don’t fall far from the tree. I liked Robert’s response. Playful, but trying to teach a lesson, too. Question, your friend’s wife, is she a squirreler too or is she a spender?

  6. says

    I’m like Robert. If I thought the kid were being a real stinker I might tell her that the tooth fairy said she swallowed her tooth and that’s really dangerous so we have to go to the doctor and she might get a shot. That would’ve been enough to get me to ‘fess up as a kid.

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