Five Ways to Find Affordable Teen Car Insurance

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting event in any teen’s life. But before you hand over the keys, make sure your young driver is covered under a car insurance policy. While it is true that car insurance for teenagers is typically more expensive than it is for adults, there are ways to save money on your monthly premium. Check out these five ways to find affordable teen car insurance.

  1. Shop around – Comparing rates between several insurance companies is a great way to find the lowest teen car insurance premium. Get quotes from several companies before choosing one, and make sure to check with large and small insurance providers. When you find a company that offers the coverage you need at a reasonable price, you can be confident you found a good deal.
  2. Read reviews –A great source of information when shopping for teen car insurance is other car insurance customers. Reading auto insurance reviews online can give you additional information that an insurance agent may not provide, such as first-hand customer service experience. You might also choose to locate internet message boards where you can ask questions and get answers from fellow car insurance customers.
  3. Use family car insurance plans – It’s usually less expensive to add a driver to an existing car insurance policy than it is to open a new policy. Talk to your insurance agent about the cost of adding a teen car insurance policy, and compare the price with quotes you’ve received from other companies.
  4. Ask about “good student discounts” – Most car insurance companies offer discounts to students with good grades. Make sure to ask about this discount when shopping for teen car insurance, and remind your teen that lower monthly premiums is yet another reason to do well in school.
  5. Get an inexpensive vehicle – Your teen may beg for a brand new convertible, but teen car insurance premiums will go up in proportion to the value of the car he or she drives. Finding a safe, reliable, well-worn starter car can significantly impact your teen’s monthly premium.

No matter which company you choose, make sure you educate your teen on the importance of safe driving. New drivers can’t qualify for safe driving discounts without a prior driving record, but staying out of accidents can gradually lower their premiums over time.


  1. says

    The type of car that they’re driving can also have an impact on the insurance rates, so if you’re trying to decide between different models, check out what the rates would be for each one. In general I think 4-door, 4-cylinder cars with anti-theft and airbags have lower rates. I was also surprised to find out that just getting a learner’s permit did not increase insurance rates, so at least they can practice for awhile before the rates go up :)

  2. Sharold Friedrich says

    Well we are huge believers in being properly insured and insured again. I am sure most would consider us over insured. We have checked around but always come back to our local independent insurance agent. There may be cheeper coverage but we have heard of poor customer service, poor claims, ect at the cut rate places. We have 1 teen and one college age driver on our policy right now. Straight A’s and no “trouble” gets your coverage paid at our house.

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