The Best of Money Carnival #144

Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival, edition #144!

It’s great to be hosting the carnival once again, with the opportunity to select the 10 best posts out of all submissions for the week.  This week, there were a whopping 84 submissions! A number of them were really compelling, which made for a few tough choices. For those of you who truly attempted to submit your best post – thank you. I could only choose 10 to include in the post, so please don’t be discouraged if yours wasn’t selected this time.

Here are top 10 posts that caught my eye from this week’s entries, including the description as provided from each submitter, counting down to #1:

#10 – Jeffrey presents I’ve Lived on Food Stamps – and Couldn’t Wait To Get Off posted at Money Spruce.

“Getting free money for food isn’t nearly as awesome as it sounds. In fact, you may just be even more driven to get off the food stamps program and earn more instead.”

#9 Daniel presents What Makes More Sense – High Insurance Premiums or a High Deductible? posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.

“The decision about whether to take a risk with a high premium insurance plan or a high deductible insurance plan is a tough one. Here are some tips.”

#8 – Melissa presents 4 Signs that Gazelle Intensity is Hurting Your Relationships posted at Mom’s Plans.

“Embracing Dave Ramsey’s principle of gazelle intensity, beginning last fall I increased my work substantially while also caring for my children at home.  While I love what I am doing, it is becoming increasingly hard to balance my work commitments with my family commitments.”

#7 Suba presents You don’t quit because you are a quitter posted at Wealth Informatics.

“According to a recent survey only 21% if the overall workforce are passionate about their jobs. Which means the rest of the 79% of us are toiling in a job that we no longer love for one reason or the other.  Why is that?  Why are we unable to break the shackles and go after what makes us happy? After some serious soul searching and research I’ve identified 7 reasons why we behave in this irrational manner.”

#6 – FMF presents Change The Way You Think posted at Free Money Finance.

“Most of my clients are just average people. Most of them were not corporate executives, doctors, or lawyers. Over the years of managing my clients’ wealth, I have found that they share common traits in how they think about money and, as a consequence, what they do with it. I call these the 6 Key Traits of Wealth Builders.”

#5 MR presents Wealth Myth – Stay Married to Become Wealthy posted at Money Reasons.

“Staying married to become wealthy is a myth! It really depend on the couple and if one a unstoppable spender or not.”

#4 – Young presents I Graduated From College or University…Now What? posted at Young and Thrifty.

” If you were lucky (or smart enough) to choose a career path that was in demand while you were going through post-secondary education, then congratulations, you’re transition into the working world will be made a whole lot easier.  For those of us who chose to become “well-rounded” students and take courses of study that had a less-defined labour market the journey can be a little more interesting.”

#3Roshawn Watson presents Do You Have The Courage To Be Wealthy? posted at Watson Inc.

“Many of the activities required to become a self-made multimillionaire involve forsaking conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity. One must have resolve and courage to do so. Let’s explore three ways courage can be instrumental in building wealth.”

#2 – Money Cone presents Unconventional Wisdom in Personal Finance posted at Money Cone.

“Let’s take a closer look at some widely accepted nuggets of personal finance wisdom, which may not be necessarily good for you.”

#1SB presents Does your blog affect your work, I think so posted at One Cent at a Time.

“Dear bloggers perhaps you don’t yourself realize how your blogging affects your day job performance. There are pitfalls of aspiring for best in both worlds. You may not agree but, go search your inner feeling and you’ll find an element of your blog that is constantly affecting your at-work performance. You may love blogging more but, your day job is what pays your bills and filling up retirement coffers in most cases.”

Thanks again to everyone for submitting, and to all of you for visiting and checking out this edition of the Carnival!


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