Crazy Keywords #4

You sometimes wonder, when it comes to owning a personal finance blog, how some people manage to find their way here. It’s time to take another look at “Crazy Keywords”, which is what I call the strange search terms that have somehow brought people to this site.

I’ve looked at this before, and have seen all kinds of crazy terms, and it seemed like it was about time to take another look through the analytics to find out what’s brought people here lately.

Here are some the latest terms from the first 2 months of 2012, along with my comments.

“grandmas who do too much” – I applaud those grandmas, but I don’t know if we talk about them much here!

“pumpkin patch strategic issues” – Sounds like someone might be taking the tradition of looking for a pumpkin very, very seriously:)

“wild posts” – You might find a few such blog posts here

“2nd wife get nothing” – Tell us how you really feel!

“am I a loser if I’ve never been to vegas” – Well, the main thing you might have lost if you went there is money – unless you’re a cheapskate visiting Vegas:)

“best job search stragedy” – Improve those spelling skills

“caffeine-free squirrels” – Can you imagine a highly caffeinated squirrel?

“cheep gone willde” – are we talking about frugality, or birds?

“daylight bandit squirrel video” – that’s one risk-taking squirrel

“his kids are his priority” – well, they should be!

“if you leave your daughter a dollar in your will, can she contest it?” – how generous!

“is working 18 hours a day bad?”- I think so

“lady gator animal run wild” – watch out!

“lottery squirrel tax on 50 million” – okay, I see a squirrel theme here:)

“private wild” – that’s none of my business!

My Question for You – If you own a blog, have you seen any interesting search terms that have brought visitors in lately?



  1. says

    I love these types of posts! I think one of my favorite search terms for my site was ‘how to fit 3 cars in a 2 car garage’. I really don’t think that one has a viable solution!

    Great job on all the carnivals squirrel!

  2. says

    Those are hilarious!
    A lot of my search traffic thus far actually comes from the search term “manly hands” on an article I wrote about friendship. I included a picture of this 4 way handshake with the caption “one of those manly hands is mine”. Too funny!

  3. says

    It seems a lot of animals are going wild on your site! One I chuckled about that brought someone to my blog recently was “how to make a mannekin leg.” Why would you? Maybe I don’t want to know!4L

  4. says

    So in other words, you drank too much Red Bull, got caught speeding on video and won the lottery which the government wants to tax you on. Oh, and your second wife wants half.

    Seriously, compared to you, my search words are boring.

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