Monetize Anything!

So many opportunities to monetize!

There is a lot of talk online, particularly among those owning blogs, about monetization. The idea that one can monetize a blog is alluring to many newcomers to the blogging world, and they often get into it for those reasons. Of course, many give up after a few months when they aren’t happy with the 50 cents they’ve made to date :). However, for those who stick around and work at it, monetization can happen, as evidenced by the success of many site owners.

This got me thinking that with the focus on making money online, there might be other areas that we can look to generate side income.  These possibilities don’t have to necessarily come from websites. Rather, we can look to our everyday life to create ways to make some extra money!

Now, I’m writing this half-jokingly, coming from the perspective of amusement in the monetization craze, as well as genuine interest as well. With that in mind, here are some present and future ideas that just came to mind regarding monetizing anything:

  • Car.  Instead of buying a nice, name brand car, perhaps buy an old, cheap, yet reliable enough car. Then, look at your car as one big advertising vehicle – literally. No free bumper sticker messages, now you can start slapping ads all over the car! Sell a client on the number of eyeballs that will be seeing their ad as you drive each day, week, and month.
  • Home.  In some cities I’ve seen older apartment (or condo) buildings, which happen to be situated by a highway, with ads on them. Whether painted or affixed, these ads just might be generating some cash flow each month. Now, I sure as heck wouldn’t want a sign on my home, but if you don’t care – and you own the property – it’s an option!
  • Clothes.  Go to a business, and tell them that you’ll be glad to wear a coat with their logo on it. Maybe they will give you one on hand, or you can “rent” ad space by putting their logo on it. For example, maybe a restaurant could give you 10 free meals for affixing their logo to their coat. Or, maybe another business could pay you a certain dollar amount per month for advertising in this way? Hard to enforce and hard to keep from being laughed at doing this. I wouldn’t do it J But hey, it’s a potential monetization vehicle, right? After all, when people see us wearing clothes with a brand logo on it, it’s free advertising for the company, right?
  • Email Signature.  If you send a fair amount of personal emails, maybe you could sell some ad space there? Set up a signature for your email, and offer a client the chance to put a company logo or url there. Hey, maybe they’ll get a targeted audience?
  • Voicemail. If someone calls, maybe your voicemail message can say “this message was sponsored by Company XYZ, the purveyor of the finest in Product 123”, before getting to your standard greeting.  Yet another way to sell out!
  • Tweets. There are people that do this already, getting paid for tweets. I haven’t done this, but think it’s an interesting concept that’s apparently working well for a number of people.  Worth considering, perhaps?
  • Texts.  Some people sent out a ton of texts every month. If you do, and can give up a small percentage of available space on each text for a sponsored message, couldn’t that be worth it. Your friends and family would understand :)

Some of this might be going way too far, at least based on what I would actually do. But if we think about it, advertising space can take on many forms!

My Questions For You

Are you actively trying to monetize online?

Would you ever consider any of these other alternative approaches to monetizing?

Can you think of any other wacky, out of the box ways to monetize and make a little extra money via advertising?


  1. says

    LOL. This is funny. I guess my efforts aren’t as active as perhaps they could be; my blog is monitized at least a little bit and I make a couple hundred dollars a month from it. Lots of people get paid per Tweet but I’m not so sure that’s for me.

    • Squirrelers says

      Daisy – I suppose that we if stop and – to use a cliche, “think outside the box” – we can come up with many ways to earn additional money.

  2. says

    Yes, I am currently trying to monetize the blog. I have heard of several of the methods that you mention but really hadn’t done any of them. I would consider the car myself. Doubt that I would pursue any of the other options.

    • Squirrelers says

      CFM- yeah, I was saying some of these half in jest. I’m not putting a sign on a home! But, the point is that we do have opportunities to monetize and get additional cash flow if we just think expansively. And if someone really needs money, hey – might as well take such measures!

  3. says

    I’ve seen the car idea on mobile homes. I’ve also seen a guy rent out the side of his garage as a billboard. Speaking of billboards, I wonder if anyone would think of being a walking billboard these days? I mean the sandwich boards people used to wear to advertise.

    As for the online marketing, I’m considering the ebook method. All the site monitizing doesn’t seem to be long term since anything can change at a glance. The one trend I’ve seen is the affiliate marketing craze; this has to ebb sometime because there will come a point where there are too many to sustain the market and not many will reach the first or second page rankings.

    • Squirrelers says

      Bill – interesting that you’ve seen that on mobile homes. So people really do that, eh? Good for them. Same for the guy renting out the side of his garage for a billboard. If he doesn’t care about the appearance, and/or needs the money, might as well consider such moves. Best of luck with the ebook – it’s a path I’ve thought about too.

    • Squirrelers says

      Robert – the email one has been done before? Ah, I suppose it was too easy of a target. Maybe sponsored texts, especially for younger people who send a thousand month :)

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