Saving Money by Procrastinating

Most of realize that procrastinating has a way of getting us into trouble.  Or, if not bad situations, it can get us into situations that require a lot of catch up work later.  So generally speaking, it’s good to get the important things done first.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, however, it just might pay to procrastinate!  I recently saw something I wanted to buy, but hadn’t actually made the decision to purchase yet, be offered at a much better deal closer to the end of the season.

Without going into specifics – in case the recipient happens to be reading – I had my eye on an item that was about $200.  I know that she would like this particular gift, but I hadn’t made the purchase yet.  This item was available for a little bit less online, but it got to the point where it just wouldn’t have been a good decision to buy it and risk shipping issues – or pay extra for fast shipping.  So in that case, procrastination looked like it was going to hurt.

Then, I went back into the store and found a nice surprise a few days later.  The same item was priced at the same level – about $200 – but was now offered with a $50 gift card.  Hooray!

It looked like that quite a few in stock, so maybe this was a way to incent consumers to make purchase while the buying season was still in play.  Well, it worked with me! I snapped it up, and happily took the $50 gift card which I would certainly be using.  There would be no risk of me wasting that card.  So essentially, when considering my next purchases there, I will have received $250 of merchandise for $200.

Bottom line is that this amounted to a 20% discount, when you look at it that way.  All for being a procrastinator with gifts!

Clearly, it’s not necessarily such a bad idea to wait to buy certain gifts.  When stores want to get rid of things before the season is up, and want to meet sales goals, it might be possible to score some good deals.  Might as well strategically take advantage of this.

Back to the notion of procrastinating normally being something to not do, why does it seem like many guys are habitually buying things in the last few days, each year?  Believe me, I know several that have been in the same boat as me.  One flat out laughed and said he’s really close to being in the doghouse considering he hasn’t even bought anything or thought much about it, even just days before the holiday.   What’s a relief is that at least we can be rewarded for this procrastination by saving money! :)

My Questions for You

Do you evern wait until the last few days before buying holiday gifts?

Do you find there to be good deals during this time, versus earlier in the season?

Why is it, in your opinion, that guys in general tend to procrastinate with buying gifts a little bit more than the ladies do (at least based on what I’ve seen!)?



  1. says

    I almost never buy immediately. Since I do very little shopping, it is easy for me. I do my homework online and sometimes I just don’t buy it. If there is not a t least a 25-50% discount I am just not interested.

  2. says

    Procrastinating often saves money, not only because a better deal may come along but because one’s urge to buy the item may disappear altogether!

    One place where the procrastination game can hurt is airline tickets–one never knows if the price will go up or down over time, and it’s a gamble I seem to lose more often than not!

    • Squirrelers says

      Marvin – as things get obsolete by the day, I can see how that would lend itself to saving by procrastinating.

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