Wisdom from a Kid on Money and Health

Sometimes, it takes a family member to keep us in line on different things, including money.  Suggestions can come from different people, even – believe it or not – a kid!

Yes, I actually got some spending advice recently, from my daughter, and found it to be very simple but insightful.  So, I thought I would share it here with everyone.

We were out at a quick-casual restaurant recently, getting dinner while being out on a busy day.  I normally don’t think eating out excessively is the best idea with kids, but at least we weren’t at what some might deem a socially unacceptable fast food place like we discussed recently.  We read off the menu board, then I was about to order for everyone. We were next in line, right behind the people ordering.

At that point my oldest, still a young kid, asked me what I was getting. I told her what I was going to get for myself, but didn’t mention the drink.  Then she asked if I was going to get a fountain drink, and I said “yes”.

Then, she asked me not to get one.  Or maybe she nicely suggested it, I don’t recall exactly.  But she did very nicely make this quick point to me (paraphrased): “You’ll feel better if you don’t get one, and just get water instead.  Why spend money on something that isn’t good for you”.

Admittedly, I paused, and my first thought was “ugh…I can’t get this now because it wouldn’t set the best example.”

But you know what, she had a point!  Why spend money on buying something that is less healthy than water, when I could get water for free?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to choose the option that both costs less AND is better for you?

Why don’t we all think like this a little bit more often? Throwing good money after negative results doesn’t seem to be a high ROI proposition.

So, after pausing, I told her she was absolutely correct, and that I was just going to get water.  And I thanked her for bringing that to my attention, while telling her I liked how she thought about it.  Needless to say, I was happy – not only because some teachings are being learned, but also because it’s great to see the next generation making good decisions.  I certainly didn’t think that way as a kid, or even when a little bit more grown up!

My Questions for You

Have you ever heard some words from kids that reflected a surprising level of wisdom and good sense for their respective age?

What do you think of the simple idea of not spending good money on something that is surely not going to help you overall, and might even harm you in some way?


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