You are a Salesperson!

Do you consider yourself a salesperson?

While some people have that actual occupation (not me, by the way), I’m guessing that most of us would answer “no” to that question.  Our day job, if we have one, is probably something functionally different than that, and doesn’t involve the word “sales” in it.

So the first answer is no, a good number of us are not technically salespeople.

When thinking about it further, I would say the bigger picture answer is yes.  At some level, everyone is a salesperson.

I think we are always selling ourselves, whether we consciously realize it or not.  I don’t always think about it in these terms, and frankly I haven’t thought it about it a whole lot in general anyway.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is the case.  We really are selling it at all times.

Here are two examples:


Let’s say your job is not directly involved in sales, as we alluded to before.  You’re still indirectly selling.  Ultimately, you have to sell yourself internally to your boss and his or her bosses.  Not only that, but you must sell yourself in different ways and for different reasons to your peers and subordinates.

Perceptions and reality can often be two different things.  To that end, how you sell yourself can play a role in your chances to succeed and earn income.

Personal Life

Suppose you are dating someone, or looking for Miss or Mr Right.  You’re not going to dress in your old, worn out clothes.  You’re not going to show your, shall we call them, “developmental” traits.  Rather, you will conscientiously put your best foot forward.  In effect, you’re selling yourself in order to create the best impression and to attract a good match for you.

Bottom Line: I’m sure when we think about it, we could probably come up with many other examples of when we selling ourselves.  This can be the case in many aspects of our lives.  One can say that at least on some level, you are a salesperson!

My Questions for You:

Have you ever considered premise that we’re all salespeople.  What do you think?

Do you have any examples of when you’ve had to be a salesperson, unrelated to your work (like examples above)?


  1. says

    My current career is teaching! I am constantly selling to students who are reluctant learners. Sales is a persuasive argument to convince another person to say yes! I am always selling and my strategy is asking questions until I get the answer I want. This is true with everyone I interact with daily.

    • Squirrelers says

      Sam – yes, selling is vital. It’s just the way it is, despite many folks being told otherwise when younger.

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