Inheritances, Greed, and Crazy Search Terms

One of the interesting things about running a personal finance blog is the ability to use analytics to see how many visitors come to your site, what articles get the most traffic, and what even what people are searching for when they land on the site.  With respect to the latter, it can be quite eye-opening to learn what might be going through the minds of some people!

This is probably the case with more controversial topics in particular.  One such topic is that of inheritances, which I’ve written about previously.  That post shared a story about a couple that remarried later in life.  They both had kids, but when the man died, all his money went to the 2nd wife and none to his own kids.  To add insult to injury, her kids in turn got funds from the man, but his own kids were shut out.  Ouch!

To me, this was a clear cut case of unfairness.  I wrote a post about it because I thought it was an interesting topic, and one that might get some good discussion going.  Well, it turned out to be a post that has been sort of an “evergreen” article that has continued to get comments and people reading it over 1.5 years after being published.

This has gotten me more interested in the topic, and has opened my eyes to some crazy stuff that goes on out there.  Reading some comments, it’s remarkable how when it comes to money, people will do almost anything.  Including, as was the case in the subject of the post, shutting out a spouse’s kids from a prior marriage and actually believing that they are not worthy of a share of a deceased parent’s estate.

Getting back to the search terms I mentioned in the first paragraph, just for fun I took a look through analytics to find the search terms that brought people to the inheritance post I’ve been referring to.   It’s really remarkable to me what people are looking for, and speaks to the stuff that goes on out there!

Here are some keywords (out of hundreds), where people landed on the inheritance and blended family post, just in the last week:

“can my husband’s children from a previous marriage inherit”

“dad remarried and left will leaving all to 2nd wife. where do his kids stand from 1st marriage?”

“dad married gold digger left nothing to kids”

“do i have to leave my step children anything in my will”

“does my husband’s children have any rights on our new property”

“i am married with stepchildren, how do i make sure my assets go to my natural daughter”

“is it fair that after 20 years marriage i get half of my husbands wealth and his children get other half”

“my mother hates my husband and said i have to divorce him in her trust in order to receive my half of estate”

“should i marry a man with a bitch of an adult stepdaughter”

“when you have a child and a stepchild how can you write a will so your child not his gets the whole inheritance”

“why does it seem that my senior father has erased us from his life after remarriage”

And, last but not least, my favorite search term:

“how can i get my husband to give inheritance money to me and my kids and turn him against his kids”

All of this is a mix of being mildly entertaining, very enlightening, and – admittedly – kind of saddening.  People that try to separate a parent’s memories and fruits of labor from his or her children, out of jealousy or entitlement, are very misguided. 

Money is important, but it is NOT more important than people.  Right?

What are your thoughts?


  1. says

    Funny and saddening at the same time to read these search terms… And I also totally agree with Michelle… somebody should tell my mom too that money is not more important than people!

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