10 Perks of the Job to Motivate Your Office Staff

office_perksFrom comfortable chairs to organic roof gardens, the perks of today’s coolest urban offices range from typical to extraordinary. Motivate your workforce using these 10 creative and effective office perks, courtesy of London Offices.

1. Fresh, energizing coffee

Who says stimulants aren’t effective? Today’s fast-paced workplaces need alert and motivated staff, and fresh espresso is the ultimate formula for making sure that your team is working at its best.

2. An open, spacious office

Open spaces inspire productivity and creativity. Tear down traditional dividers and refocus your office around collaboration and openness. Your staff, and your income, will thank you.

3. Health club memberships

Healthy staff are productive staff, and nothing’s better for improving your health than consistent exercise. Reward your employees with a health club membership and they’ll reward you with increase productivity and strengthened morale.

4. Natural, healthy lighting

Natural light has a huge positive effect on productivity, giving workers more energy and alertness throughout the day. Open your blinds and switch off artificial lights for a more productive, efficient office.

5. A well-stocked office fridge

From microwaveable meals to healthy drinks, keeping your office fridge filled with nutritious food – plus the occasional can of soda – is a great way to keep your staff satiated and productive.

6. Comfortable, supportive chairs

Make bad posture a thing of the past. Supportive chairs give your employees more energy and prevent common back and neck problems from developing over time.

7. Free public transportation

Is your office located near a train or bus station? Encourage your employees to leave their cars at home and commute to work using public transportation by giving them free prepaid transport cards.

8. In-house office catering

Go above and beyond the typical vending machine with your own cafeteria. Hiring a chef is surprisingly affordable, particularly for large companies with lots of mouths to feed during the workday.

9. A relaxing office garden

Give your employees a quiet, relaxed space where they can unwind. Rooftop gardens are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and excellent for letting your staff escape the pressures and deadlines of the workplace.

10. Relaxing, productive lounges

Lounges are for more than just executive meetings. Buy some comfortable sofas and give your employees a place to relax, unwind, and chat. You might even find some of your workers moving into the lounge to focus on their latest assignment.


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    I help run an after-school program at the school where I teach and we decided to treat the Teachers to a meal while we took the kids out for a team-building activity. It didn’t cost much and the Teachers felt appreciated. Sometimes it is the small ways that we show employees they are valued that mean more.

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