Why Video Conferencing: It’s Benefits and the Impact on Various Fields

Communication is an essential part of any business. On a daily basis, people use any form of communication they can to transact business with clients, partners, challenges, and to report accomplishments. In order to have well-executed, clear, and precise communication among businesses, the communication technology have been working to continue to improve and surprise businesses with innovations.

Video conferencing over the years has brought new ways for businesses to work with each other. With workplace trends changing over time, more and more small companies and startups are adopting the idea of using video conferencing and the idea of co-working. With more companies doing this, there are numerous ways video conferencing can help benefit you and your company.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Fuel is becoming more expensive each year making traveling to a business meeting a money vacuum. With a company like Blue Jeans video conferencing, you can maintain relationships from the comfort of your own office to anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. By saving money on travel costs, you are also saving the earth by lowering your carbon footprint. The new ‘in thing’ today is having your company go green. By reducing the amount of traveling done for business meetings is a great way to go green.

Video conferencing can help keep employees that may have to relocate or need to work from home. This can save your company a lot of money on recruiting and training potential new employees. In the past all we had were emails, phone calls, or texts to connect us with people around the world. Now that we have video conferencing calls, it allows users to see a live feed of the people you are talking to. Being able to see people’s body language and facial expressions means that meetings are now on a more personal level. A lot of companies are now using video conferencing to conduct interviews for new candidates who can save money on traveling expenses for hires that might be a good fit for the company but are too far to come to the office for the interview.

Too much traveling can burn out an employee who might not be used to the consequences that come with travel. People who are not accustomed to traveling may experience long hours on the road or even dealing with jet lag. In certain scenarios, weather can become an issue, stopping someone from getting to and from work. With video conferencing, you can conduct your meetings in your own home as if you were sitting in your office chair at work. It helps reduce the stress of planning your whole day around traveling to a meeting.

There are many ways video conferencing can give businesses and educators with an opportunity to learn, share, and interact with people all across the globe. It can improve productivity, be able to share data and ideas with others.

Medical Field

The medical field can utilize video conferencing in order to communicate with fellow medical professionals. Doctors can use it to consult with other doctors around the world for a second opinion in real time. Internationally, video conferencing can help in treating patients abroad and consulting with medical professionals in other locations through video chat.


Business professionals might be required to travel long distances in order to meet with customers or colleagues. By using a video conferencing, traveling can be completely cut out of the picture. Employees can also work from any other location with an Internet connection.


Using video conferencing in the education field is fairly new technology. Some colleges allow students who cannot attend classes to attend a class through video conferencing. This feature is a good way for schools to offer more flexibility to students and professionals.

To attend a three-hour meeting in Singapore, a manager in San Francisco is going to have to travel almost 40 hours in order to conduct this meeting. Here is a small break down of the whole trip. In total, that is almost 37 hours that are unproductive.

  • Driving to the airport: 1 hour
  • Check in: 1 hour
  • Flight to Singapore: 14 hours
  • Luggage: 30 minutes
  • Hotel travel: 1 hour
  • Hotel to Office: 30 minutes
  • Meeting: 3 hours
  • Travel to airport: 1 hour
  • Check in: 1 hour
  • Boarding: 1 hour
  • Flight back to San Francisco: 14 hours
  • Travel to office: 1 hour

Video conferencing plays an important role in improving your company’s competitiveness by enabling long distance meetings to be organized and executed in minutes. Your company can react faster to changes in the market trends faster than your competitors. While actual human interaction can never be replaced, video conferencing is a great runner up.


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    When I worked for a financial services firm, I would get emails all of the time for seminars and introductions to new products that might fit well with our business. If it wasn’t for video conferencing, I would have not been able to attend many of them. With video conferencing, I can easy block out a hour or two in my day and attend a seminar online. It works great because I don’t spend the money on traveling there and I am at the office so if an emergency arises, I can focus on that and skip the seminar without losing money.

  2. says

    I work for one of the biggest tech companies in the world. I also work from home nearly every day. Believe it or not, video conferencing is virtually non-existent here. It really doesn’t make much sense either because, as you mention, it can cut down on costs (particularly travel). Ironically there are always “travel freezes” here. Instead we get by on phone conferencing, sharing our screens in collaboration rooms, IMing, and e-mails.

  3. Aaron says

    Video conferencing is a boon for businesses. This technology helps businesses to save enormous amount of travelling time, cost reduction, instant resolution to customer queries, better client interaction etc. Various companies use web video conferencing tools such as R-HUB web conferencing servers for conducting video conferences.

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