Best of Squirrelers

This page  serves as a bookmark for the “Best of Squirrelers”, listing the top 15 posts since Squirrelers was launched.

How do I determine what qualifies as one of the “Best” articles? It’s based on these 2 factors:

  1. How well it represents the Squirrelers approach to personal finance
  2. Reader popularity

This page will periodically be updated and refreshed. It’s a place for readers new to Squirrelers to get acclimated, and a place for those who are already friends of Squirrelers to revist past articles of interest.

Here is the list:

The Role of Money in Our Life: The role of money in our lives is discussed, with the introduction of the HWR system: health, wealth, and relationships – all impacting each other and our overall quality of life

6 Key Personal Finance Lessons: It’s important to take stock and learn from our experience; here, we discuss important personal finance lessons learned that can help us in the future

Saving is Great, but Don’t Forget to Make Money Too: Many of us focus quite a bit on saving money, which is important, but we need to actually have money before we can save it!

Random Acts of Kindness Can Bring Riches of Happiness and Experience: Giving to those in need, without expecting anything return, can often be so helpful to the recipient while being very rewarding to the giver

The Importance of Rate of Return: Every percentage point counts – more than what might meet the eye, as this article explores.

Months of Covered Expenses: An Alternate Measure of Wealth: Traditional measures of net worth don’t account for an individual investor’s spending needs, but this one does

What Kind of Car Should A Teenager Be Driving?: This story of my experience seeing teenagers driving a luxury SUV brought out some good opinions and personal experiences from readers

A Dollar Today > A Dollar Tomorrow: Remember that what your dollar buys today will likely be different from what it will buy in the future, considering the time value of money

Time is Money: How Many Hours Did You Work to Buy That?: When deciding on a discretionary purchase, consider the effort involved in being able to make the purchase; the answer, when quantifed, may surprise you.

Emotions, a Mortgage, and New Baby: What Would You Do?.  Sometimes our emotions can drive our decisions, and we need to be sure that we’re thinking logically in terms of finances too.

Squirreling Gone Wild #7 – Starlight, Starbright: When you see those starlight mints as you walk out of a restaurant, do you take just one or do you go to extremes like some people do?

Squirreling Gone Wild #16: The Crafty Waitress: An ordinary meal on a business trip turned into a chess match with a sneaky waitress over a tip

Squirreling Gone Wild #22: The Drive-Thru Discount: Sometimes money is right there under your feet – you just have to keep your eyes open and take a look!

Your Will: Give Equally to Kids or Not.  A controversial topic, to be sure – what do you think?

15 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Net Worth.  Increasing your net worth can involve the interplay of many factors, some of which might not be so obvious!