Is it Important to Buy Organic?

Hello everyone! This post was originally intended to be a recap of January here, with some acknowledgements, but I thought I’d first bring up the topic of buying organic. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the subject.

Buying Organic – How Often is it Truly Important?

This came to mind from a couple of places. First, the notion that seemingly everywhere we go in a grocery store, we’ll see some foods being labeled as organic. Be it fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, or anything else – it appears that there may be a really solid market out there for products sold as organic. The second place this topic came from was a conversation I had recently with someone, who strongly believes in organic as much as possible when it comes to diet, thinking it’s more than worth the extra cost.

Now, I do subscribe the the notion that investing in quality, fresh, nutritious food is a smart move. Obviously, your health will likely be better off with such purchases being consumed. Additionally, taking a financial angle, making smart choices each day can lower health care costs over the long run. It’s clear that choosing good nutrition can positively impact the quality of one’s life.

That being said, my thoughts have been that this more the case when choosing between alternative types of food. For example, choosing a frugal breakfast of oatmeal is likely a better choice than eating a bagel. It’s healthier and likely cheaper too.  However, when choosing between the same food – but one option is organic, and the other regular (non-organic) – the decision gets a bit fuzzier to me.

Here’s an example: if I want buy blueberries, and a container of regular berries costs $2.50, but organic berries cost $4.00, is it worth paying $1.50 for the organic version? Keep in mind that the quantity of berries is the same.

This example can be applied to any type of food, whether fruit, vegetables, dairy, etc. The idea of paying more for the same type of food that looks the same, but has the “organic” label, always makes me wonder. Personally, for the kids, I might get organic milk and cheese. That seems worth it, when I think about hormones and dairy. But I really wonder about some of the other types of foods, and often think that we can wash things thoroughly. I mean, if I buy a non-organic apple, for example, am I really doing something unhealthy? Is there that much of a difference between an organic apple and a regular one that’s been washed?

When you look at the potential volume of food that we can buy organic, the incremental costs could really add up. That gets me wondering how we should pick our spots buying organic, and how important it always is. I mean, I’ve seen cotton being noted as organic!

Feel free to convince me. I’m focused on nutrition now, and would like to hear any thoughts on this topic. If you think I’m wrong, please feel free to tell me why. I’m open to change :)

My Questions for You:

  • Do you place a high value on buying organic, or do you look the other way
  • If you do buy organic, what do you purchase in that category and why?
  • Do you have any advice or suggestions for others deciding on whether or not to buy organic?

2011 Recap

Well, we’re into 2012 now, and hopefully it’s off to a great start for you. The new year is often such an inspirational time, given the clean slate that we have. Hey, might as well use the marker of a brand new year to start making the positive moves that will help you reach your goals, right?  As I posted on the first of the year, I’m pulling for your financial success in 2012! And of course, much happiness in general for you.

The new year also marks a good opportunity to reflect back and recap the prior year. Along those lines, I’d like to briefly share some thoughts on the development of Squirrelers in the past year. I won’t go into a long dissertation with massive amounts of stats, but just a quick look at how things have progressed.


There are many things one can consider, but taking a look at the amount of people visiting Squirrelers throughout the year, it’s gone as follows:

Total: 77,968

Q1: 10,889

Q2: 13,864

Q3: 24,061

Q4: 29,154

It’s cool to see that Squirrelers has attracted more visitors as the year has progressed, based on looking at the quarterly figures above. As it stands now, 800 people follow via Twitter, and 458 people are subscribed via feed or email. While I don’t have the beginning of 2011 numbers handy for these two metrics, suffice to say that the totals have markedly increased.  It’s flattering to know that more folks are not only visiting, but also coming back and ultimately following.

Most Viewed Posts

It was interesting to go back and see which posts received the most attention during 2011, taking into account all since launch in 2010. Here are top 10 posts in terms of pageviews:

  1. Stock Returns by Month: Interesting Historical Trends
  2. Tax Rates by Country
  3. My Best Customer Service Experience Ever
  4. Your Will: Give Equally to Kids or Not?
  5. The Role of Money in our Life
  6. Is there a Silver Bubble? How High Can Prices Go?
  7. Survival of the Fittest in the Workplace, and Myths About Fairness
  8. The Case for a Bigger Emergency Fund
  9. Vacation Days by Country: How do we Rate?
  10. A Dollar Today > A Dollar Tomorrow

Top Referring Sites

I’d like to offer a sincere THANK YOU to those who have been referring sites, helping to bring people this way. Along those lines, I’d like to recognize the top 20 referring sites. These are the 20 sites/blogs that were provided the highest referral traffic to Squirrelers in 2011.

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Yakezie
  3. Lifehacker
  4. online-sweepstakes
  5. MSN Money
  6. Free Money Finance
  7. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
  8. Len Penzo
  9. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  10. First Gen American
  11. Grumply Rumblings of the Untenured
  12. Wisebread
  13. Mighty Bargain Hunter
  14. Get Rich Slowly
  15. Carnival of Personal Finance
  17. 101Centavos
  18. Festival of Frugality
  19. Money Talks News
  20. Invest it Wisely

Looking ahead to the rest of 2012

This year, I’m planning to keep the momentum going and continue to grow Squirrelers. If anyone has any specific comments/feedback on what topics you’d like to see more of (or less), please use the contact form in the upper left corner of the page, or email me at admin (<at>) squirrelers (<dot>) com. The idea is to have Squirrelers be a blog you enjoy and keep on your reading list!

One project that I’m considering undertaking is a site redesign.  I’m considering changing the visual aspect of the site a bit, perhaps streamlining and adding some color. It might involve a different theme.

Additionally, as part of growth, there is another blog in the works! It would cover a different area of personal finance and life. Stay tuned :)

Thanks again for being a part of things last year, and making it so much fun. Looking forward to a great 2012 for all of us.

Get an Early Start on 2012 Resolutions – plus November Recap

With December upon us, I thought this would be a good time to look back at November, and take a look forward to 2012 as well.  With the former, I’m referring to – well, acknowledging the top referrers to Squirrelers from the prior month, as well as making some other acknowledgments. With the latter, I’m talking about looking at 2012 money resolutions and taking them for a test drive early – as in now!

Getting a Running Start on New Year’s Resolutions

Recently, I started to give some thoughts to 2012 resolutions, within the personal finance realm and otherwise. Those goals will be in place for January, so the New Year can be started with a clean slate and new aspirations. Not sure how you see it, but New Year’s goals can help provide extra motivation and more importantly some clarity and something to shoot for.

Anyway, I was thinking about it, and it occurred to me: as we think of resolutions for 2012, why wait until January 1 to start?

Calendar dates dictate so much of what we do, but why do they have to control behavior change? If we have specific things we’re working toward, we might has well get a running start on them. It’s like a car that can’t go from 0 to 60 mph instantly, but can get to that speed in less time if it’s already moving.

For example, if you know that you’d like to spend less money on eating at restaurants (yeah, that’s me), why not just do it in December? No need to wait until January 1st. Same applies to other personal finance goals, be it spending less money, increasing income, working less, increasing financial knowledge, or whatever the case may be.

I still do like the concept of New Year’s goals, as they’re clearly delineated, traditional, and do provide that clarity of purpose that I mentioned earlier. But it certainly couldn’t hurt to get started now. Not that I want to cut out those meals from my favorite places, but hey – might as well jump in now, right? There’s no time better than the present.

Top Referrers in November

The following were the sites that referred the most visitors to Squirrelers last month. I’ll call these 12 the “lucky dozen” – as in, lucky for Squirrelers:) Special thanks goes out to these folks:

  2. Free Money Finance
  3. Yakezie
  4. So Over Debt
  5. Len
  6. Retire by 40
  7. 101 Centavos
  8. Totally Money
  9. Wisebread
  10. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
  11. The Dog Ate My Wallet
  12. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  13. Hope to Prosper

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Squirrelers was in the following blog carnivals in November (including 3 Editor’s Picks!):

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Consider Emotions vs. Logic When Buying a Home was included in the Carnival of Wealth at Control Your Cash

Inhertiances and Blended Families: Who’s the Priority? was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance at My Personal Finance Journey



Apple Picking and Family Fun – plus Updates

Hello! We’re well into October, with leaves changing here in this part of the country and the weather starting to become fall-like, after a recent stretch of weather more like summer. These changes, plus fun traditions, make this a particularly enjoyable time of the year for many.

Last year, I wrote about Fun Fall Traditions and a trip to an apple orchard that was a really good time. Wholesome, seasonal family activities can be a great way to make memories, and this year was no different. Yes, we took another trip to the apple orchard for apple picking!

This year, we went apple picking at about the same weekend as last year. However, last year involved warm jackets, a cold wind, a lot of apple cider. It felt more like late November. This year, it was 80 degrees with sunny skies and it felt like August. So, maybe some of the experience was a bit different. But hey, who in the Chicago area will complain about 80 degrees when we’re going to be facing months of cold weather. I actually thought about the reality that the beautiful 80 degree weather over that weekend might be the warmest weather we have here for another 6 months, easily.  So in that case, who needs the ‘typical’ crisp, fall apple picking day when you can have a lucky day like this?

Those of you in other parts of the country, particularly warm weather climates, might have totally different fall traditions.

Anyway, this year we cut back on expenses and shelled out $24 for the experience. In return, we got a great day of going out into the field, breaking away from our suburban routine to pick some fresh produce and have a fun yet bumpy hayride as a part of the experience.  We got 25 apples, which puts the cost per apple at $0.96 each, slightly less than last year’s cost.

However, it’s the experience that counts, and it was a blast.  Family fun and memories can’t really be quantified sometimes.  I highly recommend such outings, they’re lots of fun – especially for kids, but for adults too!

Top Referrers

Last month was a particularly active month here on Squirrelers, so I thought it would be a good idea to take the time to acknowledge the top referring sites. The following are the “lucky dozen”, the 12 sites bringing the most visitors to Squirrelers during the past month, September.

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Free Money Finance
  3. Len Penzo
  4. Yakezie
  5. Lifehacker
  6. Festival of Frugality
  7. Wisebread
  8. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  9. Budgeting In the Fun Stuff
  10. First Gen American
  11. Hope to Prosper
  12. Life and My Finances

Squirrelers in Blog Carnivals

Squirrelers has appeared in the following recent blog carnivals:

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Squirreling Gone Wild #29 – Pet Expenses and the Bird Brain was included in the Festival of Frugality at Nerd Wallet.

Updates and Favorites: Wild Summer Weather Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend.

It’s been quite interesting around here in the Chicago area.

  • Just 2 weeks ago we were dealing with a massive storm with 70+mph winds and tons of rain.
  • This past week, we’ve had a scorching heat wave, with multiple days of 100 degree temperatures with heat indices of 110+. It’s been hot, humid, and like a sauna outside. Hottest stretch of weather in years!
  • Then, last night, there was a massive rainstorm that dumped 7 inches of rain. Yes, that’s 7 inches of rain in the overnight/early morning hours! Record one-day rainfall totals!
  • Keep in mind this is the same place, Chicago, that was slammed by a mammoth winter storm earlier this year that delivered 20+ inches of snow and stranded motorists downtown overnight in gridlocked snowdrift-covered roads.

It’s always interesting around here.  At this point, I’m used to it:) Hopefully the weather has been good where you are.

Anyway, along with some interesting weather, there have been some good reads in the personal finance blogosphere. Below I’ll share some of those, but first I’ll provide acknowledgements on Squirrelers inclusions in blog carnivals, as well as a few giveaways that you may have interest in.

Squirrelers in Blog Carnivals

Squirrelers has been included in the following blog carnivals:

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Doctors and Customer Servicewas included in the Yakezie Carnival at Money Reasons.

Squirreling Gone Wild #27 – The Loyalty Card Workaround Plan was included in the Festival of Frugality at Debt Free Adventure.

We’re Spending Much More Than We Might Realize was included in the Festival of Frugality at RothIRA.

How to Save Up to $500 on Home Improvements While Helping the Environment .was included in the Totally Money Carnival at Money Cone


2 $30 PayPal gift cards are being given away at Investorz Blog

$100 AdWords gift card is being given away at Financially Consumed

Over $400 in Prizes are being given away at Bucksome Boomer

Recommended Reading

As usual, there has been a good selection of posts around the personal finance blogosphere. Here are some in particular that caught my eye. Check them out!

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Frugal Zeitgeist shared Deadliest Animals (unrelated to personal finance, but interesting nonetheless)

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New Grads Moving Back Home, plus Updates and Favorites

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend.  Thanks for for being a part of Squirrelers, I appreciate it. Whether you’re visiting for the first time, a regular lurker, or consistent commenter, I totally appreciate your involvement.  Feel free to join the conversations in the posts here, and please do subscribe to the feed (RSS or Email) and follow on Twitter!

Below I’ll share some updates and favorites for the week, but first I’ll touch on the topic of new college grads living at home with family.

Living at Home

I was involved in a brief conversation recently with someone who was a few years out of college and paying rent in an apartment. This situation sounded familiar, as it’s exactly what I did upon graduation.

The guy I was speaking with commented on how he had a friend who didn’t get a job for a year after graduation, but is probably not worse off financially since he was living at home with his parents (the friend, that is). The guy was just smirking and shaking his head.  I asked him if he could ever do that, and he told me that it wouldn’t be possible right now since his parents live on the east coast, but if he could do it over again he’d have to think about it.

To me, the idea of living at home with parents was a foreign concept when I graduated undergrad.  Basically, I was conditioned to think that the “normal” thing to do was to go out on your own once you reached a certain age.  Anything else was “odd”, in my view at the time.

These days, I look at it completely differently. While many people simply do not have the option to do so, many people do have an opportunity to live with parents after graduation.  If I had to do it again, I would have done this for a few years, no doubt.

Sure, it would have inhibited some personal growth. However, I might have made a few other decisions better during that time with the steadying influence at home, and I could have saved a fair amount of money.

Now, I wouldn’t have been charged rent or utilities.  Sure, I would have paid for my own food, insurance, car, etc – but I’d have a roof over my head at no cost, which would allow me to save and get a stronger financial foothold.  That would have been a good idea.

What do you think?  Is the idea of a college grad living at home to save money sensible to you, or negative since money isn’t everything and perhaps independence/growth is?

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Another Example of Getting What You Pay For

Hello everyone!  I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of Squirrelers, whether you’re a regular commenter, lurker, or first time visitor.  This blog is a lot of fun because of all of you, and feel free to jump in and participate and share your thoughts whenever you’re so inclined.

So, as I write this, I’m working outside the home at a place that offers wi-fi.  It’s one of those time where I just had to get out of the house to get a few things done online….some of which included blogging-related activity today, but also included other work I needed to do. I suppose if I decided to cancel cable and do away with home internet, leaving this house might need to be a necessity. But since I haven’t done that yet, this was just one of those days I had to work elsewhere..

Anyway, with respect to things I need to do online, I almost always work on things at home. Today though, I decided to head out to a Starbucks that’s right down the road a mile or two from home. There’s another one the same distance the other direction, but today I headed to the first location with the intent of getting some things done. Lo and behold, I saw that all the tables were occupied. Ok, so this won’t work! No worries, I’ll just drive 5 minutes to other one…or so I thought.

The second location was totally packed as well. What to do? I might as well go home rather than drive around, right?

I almost went back home, when I saw the golden arches and remembered that they were supposed to have free wi-fi now at most locations.  The thought of sitting in a McDonald working on a computer repulsed me a bit at first, but then I thought “Why not?”. After all, Starbucks is pretty much ubiquitous as well anyway, and what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Besides, my decaf coffee would only cost $1 plus tax here, while it would be closer to $2 at a coffee shop.  Saving money is a great thing, especially on discretionary purchases, right?

In retrospect, maybe I should have trusted my instincts – this place is NOT conducive to getting things done!

Now, there is internet access and room to work, so that’s not a problem. It’s just the overall atmosphere, which I should have expected. At a Starbucks or other coffee shop, you might have a mix of people working/reading, as well as others who are chit-chatting.  At this fast food place, it’s a different ballgame. Distractions everywhere, and it’s practically a circus-type atmosphere!

First, there’s the guy sitting in the adjacent booth in front of me. He’s gentleman with glasses salt-and-pepper hair, more gray than not, who’s icing his face. Yes, he’s icing his face. Not sure what’s afflicting him, but he’s got a wad of napkins that he put some ice cubes in, and he’s applying that makeshift icepack to his face. He’s not eating anything or drinking anything, just periodically going back to the soda machine and taking a new batch of ice and napkins.  When he gets back to his booth, he’s just applying the ice pack to his face while staring out the window with a sideways smik.  I’m a “live and let live” person, but this is a little strange. But hey, whatever.

Second, there’s this lady and her friend sitting not far from me, who just came in. She is talking VERY loud, and laughing even louder.  It’s one of those things where anybody would notice right away, where you won’t forget it for a while.  She’s trading stories about her mother-in-law and how she succeeds in her attempts to avoid seeing her.

Third, there’s a family here with kids that are running around chasing one another. Now, I have kids of my own and totally get that kids will get a little rowdy sometimes. It’s just that when they were chasing each other one kids jumped in to the opposite side of my booth and other kid jumped in to “tag” him and very nearly knocked into my computer. No harm, no foul I guess, but these parents aren’t controlling their kids and this isn’t exactly something that you’ll see at a coffee shop!

So, I learned my lesson here: if you want to leave home to get work done for whatever reason, go to a Starbucks or other similar type of coffee shop. Or, go to your local library, assuming it has wi-fi as well.  Just don’t do what I did and actually go to a McDonald’s to get any work done. Not sure what I was thinking, but I’ve got to laugh at myself for this.

I definitely got what I paid for in this case.

Anyway, that brings me to my questions:

  • Do you ever get any work done (online, studying, etc) at coffee shops, libraries, or other places outside the home?
  • If so, why have you done so, and did you find it helped or hurt your productivity?


Updates and Favorites: 4-23-11

Hello everyone! I hope a great weekend is being had by all. Thanks for coming by, I appreciate you visiting and being a part of this blog.

Squirrelers wins Yakezie March Madness!

Eric at Narrow Bridge Finance ran a “March Madness” tournament of sorts, where 64 blogs in the Yakezie network were matched up in brackets much like the college basketball tournament. Ultimately, based on voting, a Yakezie “Blogger of the Year” was chosen.

I wasn’t expecting my blog to get out of the first round, as there are a ton of incredible bloggers in the network – many of which I’ve learned quite a bit from in terms of blogging, frankly. However, to my surprise, Squirrelers kept advancing and ended up winning the whole thing.  Pretty neat.

Thanks to Eric for running a fun contest, and to everyone for participating.

Squirrelers in Blog Carnivals

Income Growth vs. Savings: Where Should Your Efforts Go? was included in the Totally Money Carnival at The College Investor

Squirreling Gone Wild #24: Cheap Hosts and Cheap Guests was included in the the Festival of Frugality at The Wealth Pilgrim

401(k) Planning: Will it be Enough for Retirement? was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance at Financial Digital, and selected as an Editor’s Pick

Recommended Reading

There were some great articles around the personal finance blogosphere recently. Here are some that caught my eye this week:

  • Florida’s Beach Property Boom: A Real Estate Lesson, at Consumerism Commentary (guest post by Dr. Dean Burke)
  • Dividend and Conquer at The Wealth Artisan
  • How I Hedged Summer Gas Prices with ETFs at ETF Base
  • We Can’t Afford That at Canadian Personal Finance Blog
  • Go Green: Recycle Computers and Other Old Stuff at Yes, I Am Cheap
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  • The Time vs. Money Continuum – It Changes as You Age at Darwin’s Money
  • Part-Time Job for Retirees: Blogger? at Bucksome Boomer

Contest Winners, Updates, and Top Referring Sites

Hello everyone! With the weekend upon us, I wanted to announce the winners of the H&R Block Online Premium Edition, as well as provide updates/favorites, and top referring sites.

I appreciate everyone who’s been a part of the blog as it continues to grow. Whether you’re reading, commenting, lurking, or visiting for the first time – thank you for being a part of things here. You guys and gals are great and make this a lot of fun.

Giveaway Contest Winners

Winners have been contacted this week for the H&R Block Online Premium Edition giveaway. They are:

  1. Sandy
  2. Buck Inspire
  3. Crystle
  4. Tim
  5. Ohkeeka
  6. Andrew

Blog Carnivals

After a busier previous week, Squirrelers submitted to one carnival for this past week: Carnival of Money Stories at Money Crashers, which featured the post Financial Windfall: What a Week!.

Speaking of the Carnival of Money Stories, it will be hosted here on Monday, March 7.

Squirrelers on MSN

Squirrelers is proud to have been featured this week on MSN’s Smart Spending Blog, with the post The Extractor.

Guest Post

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff hosted my guest post 10 Tips to Reduce Healthcare Expenses.

Top Referring Sites for January – February

Counting just independent bloggers in the personal finance/lifestyle areas, the top 10 referring sites for the 1st 2 months of 2011 were:

  1. Free Money Finance
  2. Yakezie
  3. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  4. Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured
  5. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
  6. Broke Professionals
  7. Young and Thrifty
  8. The Saved Quarter
  9. Cash Money Life
  10. First Gen American

Have a great rest of the weekend!