Looking Forward to Your Financial Success in 2012

Why not you? If others can achieve their financial dreams, you can too!

Flipping that around, I’ve had some of those “why not me” thoughts of late. Extending those thoughts to everyone reading this, I ask the same thing regarding you and your ability to reach your financial goals and have your wishes come true.  We can’t that be you?

Well, I’d like to think that we can achieve our financial dreams, and make them happen. Just think about it – there are plenty of people out there, probably hundreds of thousands at the minimum, that are absolutely getting it done. While their aspirations may vary, they’re accomplishing what they want to do without settling for “good enough” or partially meeting goals. Additionally, some of them are achieving tremendous success probably beyond their wildest dreams.

Are these people all exceptionally brilliant? Maybe some are, but then again probably most of them are not. Are they lucky? Sure, I’ll bet luck plays a part in a lot of success (or lack of it), but it’s not necessarily a driving factor? Did all these people have built in advantages? Well, maybe some did, but again I doubt that most of them did.

Really, I’ll bet that many people are able to achieve lofty goals by being goal oriented, on task, disciplined, and persistent. They want it badly enough, and are willing to strategically make the right sacrifices to have it happen.   Think about it – there have been instances in life for all of us where we have wanted something badly enough that we managed to make it happen.  Why not make it happen on a bigger stage, so to speak, with our higher financial aspirations?

I’m talking about getting things done now in order to make longer term dreams happen. Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, using a classic saying, that might mean taking longer-term aspirations and working on your goals for the year as necessary steps.  Some of these goals could be things such as:

  • Paying off all credit card debt
  • Paying down 2 years worth of mortgage payments in 1 year
  • Getting a great performance review at work
  • Doubling the % of income saved vs. the prior year
  • Finishing a degree
  • Buying a home at below market value
  • Building a profitable online business
  • Finding a new job making more money

Whatever the case is, it’s achieving these smaller goals that can help us achieve our bigger picture dreams, whatever they might be.  Kind of like steps to take along the path to success.

While it shouldn’t necessarily take a New Year to get us moving, the really New Year is here now so we might as well embrace this as a time to step it up and really commit to making measurable progress toward our goals. Think of how great it will feel to achieve success this year, even more than what you’ve done in the past. I figure if others are making their longer-term financial aspirations happen, why can’t I. Why can’t you, either?

Of course, we can do it if we put our minds to it. I’m probably a bit fired up now, but I’m really excited about making this year a very successful one, and looking forward to your success as well. Let’s make it happen!

Get an Early Start on 2012 Resolutions – plus November Recap

With December upon us, I thought this would be a good time to look back at November, and take a look forward to 2012 as well.  With the former, I’m referring to – well, acknowledging the top referrers to Squirrelers from the prior month, as well as making some other acknowledgments. With the latter, I’m talking about looking at 2012 money resolutions and taking them for a test drive early – as in now!

Getting a Running Start on New Year’s Resolutions

Recently, I started to give some thoughts to 2012 resolutions, within the personal finance realm and otherwise. Those goals will be in place for January, so the New Year can be started with a clean slate and new aspirations. Not sure how you see it, but New Year’s goals can help provide extra motivation and more importantly some clarity and something to shoot for.

Anyway, I was thinking about it, and it occurred to me: as we think of resolutions for 2012, why wait until January 1 to start?

Calendar dates dictate so much of what we do, but why do they have to control behavior change? If we have specific things we’re working toward, we might has well get a running start on them. It’s like a car that can’t go from 0 to 60 mph instantly, but can get to that speed in less time if it’s already moving.

For example, if you know that you’d like to spend less money on eating at restaurants (yeah, that’s me), why not just do it in December? No need to wait until January 1st. Same applies to other personal finance goals, be it spending less money, increasing income, working less, increasing financial knowledge, or whatever the case may be.

I still do like the concept of New Year’s goals, as they’re clearly delineated, traditional, and do provide that clarity of purpose that I mentioned earlier. But it certainly couldn’t hurt to get started now. Not that I want to cut out those meals from my favorite places, but hey – might as well jump in now, right? There’s no time better than the present.

Top Referrers in November

The following were the sites that referred the most visitors to Squirrelers last month. I’ll call these 12 the “lucky dozen” – as in, lucky for Squirrelers:) Special thanks goes out to these folks:

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  2. Free Money Finance
  3. Yakezie
  4. So Over Debt
  5. Len Penzo.com
  6. Retire by 40
  7. 101 Centavos
  8. Totally Money
  9. Wisebread
  10. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
  11. The Dog Ate My Wallet
  12. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  13. Hope to Prosper

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